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This Application is For Property at:
Projected Move In Date:


Date of Birth:
Social Security Number:
Driver's License #:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Current Address:
(Street, City, State, Zip)
How Long At Present Address?:
Reason For Moving:
Current Rental Amount ($):
 Current Landlord:  
 Current Landlord's Phone:  
Was Notice Given?:
Previous Address:
(Street, City, State, Zip)
Previous Landlord's Name:
Previous Landlord's Phone:
How Long at Address?:
Reason For Moving:
Monthly Rent Amount ($):

Names of Additional Occupants:
How Many Pets?:
What Breed? Weight? Size?:
How Many Smokers?:


Employment Contact:
Contact Phone Number:
Employer Address:
(Street, City, State, Zip)
How Long at Current Job?:
Gross Monthly Income:

Previous Employer:
How Long Employed?:
Why Did You Leave?:
Gross Monthly Income:

Credit Reference 1:
(Credit Card, Loans etc.)

Creditor Name:
Monthly Payment:
Credit Reference 2:
(Credit Card, Loans etc.)

Creditor Name:
Monthly Payment:
Credit Reference 3:
(Credit Card, Loans etc.)

Creditor Name:
Monthly Payment:

Personal Reference 1:
(Name, Phone Number, Relationship)
Personal Reference 2:
(Name, Phone Number, Relationship)


How Long Have You Lived In The Area?:
Expected Length of Stay:
Do You Have A Waterbed?:
Ever Broken A Lease?:
Ever Had A Judgment Against You?:
Ever Had Rental Security Not Returned?:
Ever Been Evicted or Asked To Move?:
Any History of Drug Use or Offenses?:
Ever Been Convicted of a Felony?:
Please Explain Any "Yes" Answers Above:
Do You Currently Have Renters Insurance?:
List All Utilities Currently In Your Name:

If You Do Not Qualify, Would You be Able To Get a Co-Signer Who Owns Real Estate?:
If Yes, Name of Co-Signer:
Relationship With Co-Signer:
Co-Signer Phone #:
Co-Signer Address:
(Street, City, State, Zip)

Emergency Contact Person:
Emergency Contact Phone #:
Emergency Contact Address:
(Street, City, State, Zip)


Vehicle #1:
(Year, Make, Model, Color)
Plate #:
VIN #:
Vehicle #2:
(Year, Make, Model, Color):
Plate #:
VIN #:
Additional Vehicles:
(Include Campers, RVs, Boats, Motorcycles)

How Did You Hear About The Vacancy?:
How Do You Desire To Make Rent Payments?:
Do You Desire Direct Withdraw From Your Bank Account?:
Bank Name:
Bank Account #:
To Avoid Late Rent Are You Willing To Provide A Credit Card Number?:

By clicking submit below, applicant(s) represents that all information in this application is true and complete under Penalty of Perjury. Applicant(s) hereby authorizes a credit and police check, judgment search, and verification of references.  Applicant(s) understands that if any information is found to be false or misleading the application fee and all deposit money being held by Landlord will not be returned.  Applicant(s) further agrees that Landlord may end the lease immediately if any false information has been provided in this application after move in.  Renters insurance is required if bringing a pet.


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After Submitting The Above Application You Must Pay The $35.00 Application Fee By Clicking The Link Below

In Addition To Rental Application The Following Verification Is Required:

- Two Recent Pay Stubs (Include other income such as Alimony, Child Support, Pension)
- Copies of Driver's License's and Vehicle Registrations
- Copies Of Auto Insurance Forms
- If Self Employed, Copy of last years tax returns

For Online Applications Please Fax Additional Information to 888-570-7355 or email Sky Investment Group

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